Alex Rudolph (she/her/hers)

Alex received her Master’s in Museum Studies from Arizona State University (ASU) in 2013. She parlayed her degree into a grants career after being asked to help develop grants for the Museum of Indigenous People in Prescott, Arizona during a volunteer project. She was hired to write as a consultant after receiving her Advanced Certificates in Grant Development and Proposal Writing and Principles of Grant Development and Proposal Writing from ASU’s Nonprofit Management Institute in 2018. During her work with the museum, Alex oversaw the creation and management of the museum’s grant program with the executive director. She developed federal grant proposals for the National Endowment for the Arts, National Park Services, and state grants through the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Arizona Humanities Council. 

Through her museum and subcontracting work, Alex has secured over $20,000 in federal and non-federal funds. She has written grants for collection and historic preservation projects, at-risk youth engagement programs, environmental recovery projects, Indigenous community organizations, and exhibit design proposals. Alex is also a member of the Grants Professional Association and was a recipient of the 2020 Grants Professsional Foundation Conference Scholarship. Alex’s main areas of expertise are grant readiness and prospect research. 

Alex lives in northern Arizona.

My favorite thing about this work: I became a museum studies major so that I could ‘learn new things’ for a living. Writing grants lets me do that as well, but the bonus is I can help organizations change their communities for the better.