Ashly Bloxon (She, Her, Hers)

Ashly began her grant writing career in 2014 after pre- and post-award work while employed with Urban Resurrection Community Development Corporation in Columbus, Ohio. Ashly earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of California, Riverside and Master’s in Peace and Justice Studies from the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego. It was during her graduate studies that Ashly received extensive training in project management and grant writing. In the years since, Ashly has held a number of roles in the nonprofit arena. She has worked as a project manager, an independent contract grant writer, a Peace Corps volunteer in East Africa, a grant administrator, and an officer at an international grant making organization.

Throughout her grant writing career, Ashly has assisted numerous organizations in stewarding gifts from local, national, and international funders—notably, fostering relationships with several large private foundations to secure more than $5 million in gifts. Over her nearly eight-year career in the grants space, she has helped organizations acquire several million dollars in funding for their initiatives and administered more than $50 million in grant revenue to 250-plus organizations. Ashly’s grants support has included conceptualizing fundraising plans, conducting funding searches, writing well-crafted proposals, preparing reports, and leveraging philanthropic networks to help meet programmatic aims. She has experience serving new and established organizations across multiple sectors including education, public health, social services, arts and culture, community development, science and technology, animal welfare, humanitarian aid, global development, and environmental protection among others.

Ashly currently resides in San Diego, California. When she is not absorbed in a new book or TV show, she enjoys spending much of her time hiking in the local outdoors.

My favorite thing about this work: I am passionate about helping organizations to meet funding needs for their causes, whether it is a small grant for a new exciting project or more ambitious fundraising to scale up existing programs. Providing strategic support to organizations undertaking the grant seeking process and being able to help them secure critical funding for their programs has been so incredibly rewarding.