Rebecca Brodka (she/her/hers)

Rebecca has 30+ years of experience writing and managing grants in the nonprofit and small business sectors. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and is a Certified Grants Specialist. As a life-long learner, she completed all coursework in two graduate programs: (1) Urban Studies with a concentration in Law and Public Policy and (2) English. Rebecca has been a Certified Grant Specialist (CGS) since 2000. She has held different roles over her career including Grant Writer, Grants Administrator, Director of Development, and Community Relations Manager. She began her career writing multi-million-dollar grants for a large housing authority in Cleveland, Ohio where she was lead grant writer of a $21 million dollar Hope VI grant proposal that was awarded fully. Her career successes continued in diverse areas such as drug elimination, health, low-income housing, energy, technology, K-12 education improvement, and a plethora of social service programs. Representing a success rate of approximately 87%, at least 107 of the applications she has written have been awarded at a combined $20,510,000. Rebecca has provided startup, business planning and writing, budget analysis, grant-writing training and grants administration services to nonprofits and small businesses. Her post-award work includes writing standard operating procedures, administrative handbooks, and board manuals for both nonprofits and small businesses to establish structure, improvement, and accountability processes. She is a pre- and post-award compliance expert.

She lives in Lorain County, Ohio with her husband.

My favorite thing about this work: I love the challenge of “getting it right”, being compliant, and helping clients get grant awards for their hard work in different communities across our country.