indirect costs

Nonprofit Budgeting: Understanding Indirect Costs & How Are They Allocated

  Job costing is a tedious, yet necessary process. It’s…

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Communication Tips for Working With Contract Grant Writers

  Nonprofit professionals are busy people who are always looking…

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small grants

Nonprofit Tips: Are Small Grants Worth Your Time and Money?

  As a grant consultant, we hear this question all…

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nonprofit trends

Nonprofit Trends for 2021 — What We Can Expect to See

  Holy moly, what a whirlwind of a year! If…

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Thinking Like a Grant Reviewer: Tips for Positioning Your Proposal

  Proposal reviewers are faced with the daunting task of…

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Tips for Nonprofits Tackling Budget Challenges in 2021

  Budget planning has always raised a level of uncertainty…

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Self-Care in the Nonprofit Sector (Tips for Pandemic Burnout)

Nonprofit employees are passionate people — so much so, that…

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grant proposal budget

How to Prepare a Nonprofit Grant Proposal Budget

Being a good grant writer is one thing — knowing…

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last minute grant

How to Avoid Last Minute Grant Pursuits

As grant writers, we typically have a few grant applications…

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grant application

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Grant

  The best grant application is the only thing that…

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Battling Burnout as a Grant Professional

Burnout is real. It takes a toll on your health…

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nonprofit relationship

Partner Relationship Building Tips for Nonprofits

  No matter what kind of business you are, creating,…

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