How do we fundraise in the current environment?

Between a global pandemic, racial unrest, and deep political divides, organizations can feel especially confused about how to move forward. The fundraising landscape is also changing, as funders’ priorities adapt to the new environment and become increasingly more competitive.

At RBW Strategy, we have spent a lot of time thinking about these changes and how organizations can adapt by leveraging their resources, going “back to basics,” and trying out new or innovative approaches.


Racial Equity and Inclusion

RBW Strategy has worked closely with organizations that support historically marginalized and underserved communities, particularly people of color and/or living in poverty. Not only should there be consideration of how your organization is incorporating equity and inclusion into its operations, but the different programs and policy actions to showcase your organization’s commitment to the cause. Language is developed for proposals that reflect the specific solutions to address these challenges. Our team has developed language on racial equity, inclusion, and other diversity and impact language for proposals and collateral, ensuring that your organization’s materials reflect a path toward a more equitable and inclusive organization.



Since the pandemic began, our team has been responsive to COVID-19 specific opportunities and has developed an approach concerning messages that resonate with different funders and an adaptable strategy for outreach. Because of the pandemic, there are also new considerations regarding the short-term and long-term approach concerning the organization’s programming and general fundraising activities. Check out this blog post where we list our great resources that you can access.


Relationship Building

Whether your organization is new to fundraising or reinvigorating an existing approach, now is the time to consider future sustainability. We have worked with many partners in figuring out how to develop relationships with new and existing funders. This can include coaching, working with your organization to communicate with funders, and developing templates and materials to support these efforts.