Giving Thanks to Unsung Heroes

While this time of year is always fraught with multiple deadlines, activities, holiday gatherings and efforts to complete work before 2017 has ended, I am going to think about this year differently. Have you thanked some of the unsung heroes that help ensure our safety? What about donors and funders who don’t provide huge gifts, but give annually? What about all of those people within the organization that are responsible for critical functions, but are not recognized for their service? While it is easy to thank major donors and funders, we should also think about those whose efforts indirectly (or sometimes directly) help us achieve our goals.

I urge you to write a letter (maybe even enclose a photo), make a phone call, make a donation or do some work pro bono. While we put our efforts towards funding retention and fund seeking, we should also be aware of the lessons we can learn from others.

Who will you thank today?