What services can support the growth of my organization?

Grant writing, prospect research, project management and other services are critical to your organization’s continued growth and maintenances of programs. In order to create institutional knowledge that can enhance and be incorporated into your existing operations, you may need some additional resources.

Regardless of whether you are a small, mid-sized or large organization your team may not the time, resources or skills able to ensure future sustainability.

At RBW Strategy, we have that expertise and provide guidance through different tools and resources that will enable you to achieve greater capacity for grants success.

Grantee Assessment (using RBW Strategy Grant Readiness Scan™)

Prior to applying for grants, it’s important to understand how your organization could be perceived.

RBW Strategy helps you prepare to seek funding by assessing your organization’s capabilities and readiness for grant funding. Our assessment includes a review of your financial, programmatic, strategic, and marketing documentation. We will provide you with a report to document your readiness to seek funding. You’ll gain insight on strengths and any weaknesses which may deter agencies from granting funds.

Grants Management Office Set up

A grant writer can give you an edge by bringing focus to your organization’s strengths while ensuring that you create a complete and effective proposal.

RBW Strategy provides can establish a grants management office for your organization. We’ll help you:

  • Create a checklist of what to include in grant files
  • Determine how your financials and accounting team should track and manage grants
  • Create a tool to manage your reporting deadlines (or recommend an electronic resource)
  • Train your operations, programmatic and financial staff on how to manage grants
  • Create internal controls documentation to track organizational operations

In short we’ll help you establish all your grants management office to ensure grant award terms and conditions are met.


Template Development

For those with financial constraints, RBW Strategy will create a master proposal template application and/or letter of inquiry for use in multiple proposals. This template will include use of organization- and program-specific language, graphics, literature reviews, and research to
create a detailed statement of need.

Templates may be used for multiple applications, however, guidelines of each RFP cannot be ensured by the use of a template proposal. For those new to grant writing, we recommend considering a training consultation with RBW Strategy.



RBW Strategy provides customized training to support your organizational or programmatic goals.

Training is available in-person or virtually and may cover:

  • Grant writing
  • Prospect research
  • Grant readiness
  • Grants management
  • Project management



RBW Strategy provides brainstorming sessions that offer coaching services to organizations that need more customized grants planning. These coaching sessions offer detailed short-term and long-term to do items and recommendations, and you can walk away with a plan of action after
our session.

The coaching sessions are offered in-person and may cover:

  • Strategic planning
  • Grants planning and readiness
  • Grants management
  • Logic model development
  • Grants and fundraising planning (in conjunction with Ayda Sanver Consulting)


Take advantage of RBW Strategy’s organizational capacity and business process improvement services to help your organization win more business. Contact us to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.