A small junior college located in the Midwest applied for funding through a private foundation to create a comprehensive workforce development program within the school. Efforts included:

  • Establishing partners within the business community to offer internship and job placement opportunities to students
  • Coordinating teams from multiple departments through the college
  • Collaborative partnerships to ensure continuous quality improvement

The program also established a process to evaluate and the progress of the students.



Rachel Werner served as the Lead Grant Writer for this effort, and developed the proposal from start to finish.


Create a clear and thorough proposal with a $1 million requested amount within a defined deadline.

college students at computer


  • Rachel Werner was able to effectively illustrate the school’s need for funding; the proposal was funded for the full $1 million.


  • Enhanced career opportunities for over 50 students through education and internship/employment opportunities
  • Increased collaboration with private employers to encourage partnerships between college and students available for work or training
  • Greater capacity for the college to support students able to work in fields that align with current workforce trends
  • Model program to engage young people in fields where they can find employment and increase their ability successful future