Project Management

How can project management help you?

Every project includes deadlines, project plans, multiple collaborators, and tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner. A project manager takes the reigns and ensures that a project is completed on time and within budget– in the most stress-free ways possible.

Project management includes so many aspects ranging from communications planning, risk assessment, and time management. Accounting for so many elements can become overwhelming and supersede the actual project.

RBW Strategy takes our role as a project manager seriously. Rachel Werner has been certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2010, and the entire RBW Strategy team leverages PMP practices to ensure projects are managed effectively and efficiently.


Proposal Management Planning

There are multiple tasks that need to be completed. How do you manage them all and stay on top of competing deadlines? RBW Strategy can help by:

  • Creating a project management plan
  • Brainstorming items to manage and prioritize
  • Providing suggestions of electronic resources to use
  • Outline best practices in project management

RBW Strategy knows that a detailed plan is essential to effectively executing your work.


Proposal Management Oversight

Provide comprehensive project oversight, including:

  • Developing a project management plan
  • Coordination of teams
  • Facilitating calls and follow-up action items
  • Establishing protocols
  • Identifying risk
  • Adhering to deadlines from concept to completion
  • Creation of a work plan or schedule of deliverables

RBW Strategy manages the detail to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.



Strategic Planning Implementation

RBW Strategy will collaborate with your organization to identify business process improvement needs and how to expand your resource capacity. As a project manager we can help:

  • Support the development of your organization’s strategic plan
  • Review your strategic plan and offer feedback
  • Create or refine your business policies and procedures
  • Support your strategic vision by aligning your goals with measurable outcomes (this may include the development of logic models)

Policies and Procedures

RBW Strategy can help your organization operate more efficiently through the development of policies and procedures.

We can assist in creating or refining documents that provide internal structure to your organization such as:

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Flow charts
  • Policies that accurately depict project oversight
  • Procedures around grant writing and grants management

As a project manager, RBW Strategy takes into consideration risk management, communications, time management and oversight with the development of your policies and procedures.

Let RBW Strategy’s project management skills bring greater efficiency to your organization. Contact us to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.