The Season of Saying Thanks – Why Is It So Important?


Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I bet you are inundated with requests to donate on #GivingTuesday or are preparing (or have received) letters of thanks to or from donors. Let’s be honest and say that people tend to be more generous during the holidays, and perhaps all of the holiday music and twinkling lights puts more people into a positive mood.

ID-100291609Why is this period of thanks so important?

Many nonprofits plan on this time of year being the “make or break” period towards their bottom line at the end of the fiscal year. The fiscal year end date for many funders is 12/31, so grant deadlines, donor cultivation, annual reporting, direct mail (and email) campaigns, and other activities take place at a frenetic pace during this time.

How can this be replicated throughout the year?

The giving cycle is not limited to just the holiday season. Thank your partners, funders, vendors and others throughout the year. Do you have a strategy or plan for this type of activity? Are you informing others about the wonderful activities and accomplishments of your organization (without a request for funding)? You can determine how you thank others and set a culture for philanthropy that includes relationship building as an integral component.

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