Values and Culture

RBW Strategy supports nonprofits and public sector agencies committed to improving society. Our team adheres to the following values to better support our clients, who give so much to others.

  1. We are committed to the core principles of diversity and inclusion across a spectrum of areas: race/culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental health disabilities, and age/socioeconomic status.
  2. We promote equity and fairness and expect that our team members and clients respect and value one another’s perspectives, time, and expertise.
  3. We adhere to the Code of Ethics developed by the Grant Professionals Association and the Code of Ethical Standards Association of Fundraising Professionals, two leading associations in the fundraising profession.
  4. We believe in integrity and transparency in fundraising and post-award management. We remain honest and straightforward when asked by a client to evaluate the scope of work, even if it is not in our best financial interests.