Outsourced Development Team

When working with our team, RBW Strategy will provide first-rate team members to assist your organization with grants and fundraising needs. Our approach helps your organization refocus, reinvigorate, and revise fundraising efforts. This means that we take a closer look at the development infrastructure and fundraising materials and provide guidance to ensure alignment with current strategic priorities and goals.

Once we have the right foundation in place, our consultants serve as an engaged virtual fundraising team to support organizations of all sizes, geographic locations, and focus areas. RBW Strategy team members enjoy working with clients on a long-term basis creating an infrastructure and turnkey grants program. We also offer project-based support to assist on short-term engagements and one-time large-scale government and foundation opportunities based on an organization’s needs. While the development team may consist of one or two RBW Strategy consultants, others can be included for specific projects based on their expertise and skills.

This work also requires project management, and we know that administrative work can be challenging to maintain. Let us guide and manage the process, and we will incorporate different approaches to making your organization work smarter, not harder.

Some ways that we can assist include:

  • Conducting a fundraising readiness assessment and providing recommendations that lead to long-term success.
  • Developing a fundraising plan to map out short- and long-term fundraising tactics aligned with specific goals and targets.
  • Creating a grants calendar that includes specific grant seeking and grants management tasks.
  • Developing core proposals and fundraising content for use in multiple applications or other communications.
  • Preparing applications and reports for private, corporate, and government funders.
  • Developing template emails and one-pagers to help cultivate relationships with funders before application submission.
  • Creating policies and procedures related to critical fundraising functions within the organization.