Planning and Research

A key component of our “back to basics” model is finding the right starting point and ensuring a solid foundation for your organization’s fundraising. Wherever your organization is in the fundraising spectrum, we have services that will be the right fit.


Data Gathering and Assessment

Our team wants to understand the “why” of your organization. If we don’t understand your organization, the importance of the work won’t be apparent to funders either. RBW Strategy’s assessment includes a detailed review of your organization’s existing strategic plan, fundraising plan, and other critical elements/areas, and developing and updating these items as necessary for the work.


Prospect Research

Diving into research on potential grant and corporate prospects is the most important step in grant seeking and fundraising. If you don’t have strong prospects and a robust plan to cultivate relationships with funders, the actual writing support will become much more difficult.

RBW Strategy generally uses a three-phased approach to conduct prospect research. We work with clients at each step so that they understand the funding landscape overall and the unique aspects of each opportunity.


Mergers and Collaborations

Building long-term partnerships with other peer organizations are essential. This is needed not only in day-to-day operations but obtaining large scale private, corporate, and government grants. If seeking and maintaining funding has become increasingly challenging for your organization, a merger or collaboration with another provider might be a good option. Our team can help provide guidance and support throughout the process and seek out seed funding for the new venture.