Back to School: Professional Development for Fundraisers

Professional Development for Fundraisers Association Membership:   The resources available…

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Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools To Stay Connected With Supporters and Funders

In today’s tech driven world, it is important to stay…

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Grant writing myths

Grant Writing Myths Non-Profits Shouldn’t Believe

When nonprofits first start the grant writing process, it can…

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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility: What’s the Big I.D.E.A.?

I.D.E.A.s in Fundraising Inclusion: the practice or policy of including…

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Grant Proposal Process

How To Make The Grant Proposal Process Easier When Several Writers Are Involved

The grant proposal process can be a lot of work.…

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writing strategy

How Cultivation is Your Winning Writing Strategy

There are a couple of different ways to focus on…

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The Importance of Partnership and Collaboration in the Non-profit Sector

Partnership and collaboration can go a long way in creating…

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answer questions

How to Answer Budget Questions Funders Will Ask

Grant applications are composed of various components, but the budget…

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goals and objectives

Goals and Objectives: How They Differ and Why it Matters

It’s important to understand the difference between goals and objectives…

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nonprofit world

A Paradigm Shift: How Grants Have Changed in a Virtual World

The pandemic has greatly impacted the way nonprofits conduct training,…

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One for All and All for One – Team Development

What does strategic team growth look like? Google fundraising titles…

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Evaluation Methods

Evaluation Methods Funders Use to Measure Grant Success

Once grant funds have been allocated, reporting on the project’s…

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