last minute grant

How to Avoid Last Minute Grant Pursuits

As grant writers, we typically have a few grant applications…

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grant application

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Grant

  The best grant application is the only thing that…

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solicitation compliant

How to Stay Solicitation Compliant with Nonprofit Grant Funding

  Grant proposals are a great way to achieve the…

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grants lifecycle

A Breakdown of Each Stage in the Grant Lifecycle

The grants lifecycle refers to the entire process of a…

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first-time grant seekers

Tips for First-Time Grant Seekers During the Pandemic

In an emergency like the COVID-19 crisis, it’s time to…

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Grants in a COVID-19 World – Learning to Pivot

I love watching Project Runway, and have since the show…

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What McDonald’s Can Teach Us About Grant Writing

McDonald’s was my favorite restaurant as a kid. I loved…

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The Happy Marriage of Project Management and Grants

Read my guest blog post over at JustWrite Solutions (…

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Grant Misperceptions 101 – No budget, no problem

So, you have that million dollar idea that you know…

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Grant Misperceptions 101: All it takes is good writing

When I have served as a grant reviewer, I have…

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Grant Misperceptions 101

As a grant professional, I realize that the majority of…

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Grants Management 101 (Part 3): Resource Capacity

The ingredients to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies…

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