Government Grants Support

Each year billions of federal grant dollars are allocated to eligible nonprofits, municipalities, school districts and for-profit entities across the country. The number of institutions seeking grants through federal, state, and local government sources is increasing due to additional funding through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. How can an organization be competitive and manage the funding they receive? This is where RBW Strategy can help.

Application Development and Review

It is difficult to apply for government grants when many organizations have limited resources and learning the process can feel overwhelming. Whether they are applications for local, state, or federal opportunities, our team has the experience and flexibility to support your organization through the process. We can help your organization with:

  • Application drafting and walk up through submission
  • Compliance review to ensure adherence to application requirements
  • Training and coaching on the grant preparation and submission process
  • Tools and templates to manage the application and its various components
  • Project management throughout the process
  • Administrative support on all pre-award components, through fluency with government grant portals

Post-Award Management

Congratulations – your organization has received a grant award (or you are a pass-through entity on a federal grant)! Now what?

If your organization/agency is new to federal grants or you are trying to build out post-award processes with new funding coming in, it is important to create a robust internal controls system that adheres to the 2 CFR 200 federal requirements.

  • Grants management consulting to ensure post-award compliance on programmatic and financial reporting, and administrative components
  • Recommend updates and/or develop internal control policies and procedures manual
    Subrecipient monitoring adherence and protocols
  • Technical assistance support during a single audit process, corresponding with the funding agency, and liaison with others (accountants, bookkeepers, etc.)
  • Training to coach team members on post-award administration requirements and best practices