Best Practices

writing strategy

How Cultivation is Your Winning Writing Strategy

There are a couple of different ways to focus on…

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The Importance of Partnership and Collaboration in the Non-profit Sector

Partnership and collaboration can go a long way in creating…

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answer questions

How to Answer Budget Questions Funders Will Ask

Grant applications are composed of various components, but the budget…

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nonprofit world

A Paradigm Shift: How Grants Have Changed in a Virtual World

The pandemic has greatly impacted the way nonprofits conduct training,…

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nonprofit relationship

Partner Relationship Building Tips for Nonprofits

  No matter what kind of business you are, creating,…

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nonprofit budgeting apps

RBW Strategy’s Favorite Budgeting Apps for Nonprofit Funding

Nonprofits are always asked to do more with less, which…

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federal grant closeout

6 Best Practices for Preparing a Federal Grant Closeout

Once you’ve received a federal grant, the work doesn’t stop…

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Under Pressure: Top 4 Ways to Avoid Burning Out

  Let’s be honest with ourselves. It is not easy…

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Does “Fake It ‘Til We Make it” Really Work?

Isn’t there a famous quote that “The truth shall set…

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The Clock is Our Worst Enemy

For those who work in deadline driven environments, we are…

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case statement

Why Pretend to Be Something That You’re Not?

My daughter loves wearing different costumes (and not just for…

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Success Rate Isn’t the Best Indicator of Grant Success

  I realize that from an outsider’s perspective, the success…

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