Grant Proposal Process

How To Make The Grant Proposal Process Easier When Several Writers Are Involved

The grant proposal process can be a lot of work.…

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data-driven proposals

Tips for Data-Driven Proposal Writing

If you’re looking to improve the impact in your grant…

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grant proposal weaknesses

4 Major Weaknesses in Grant Proposals and How to Work Through Them

Writing a grant proposal takes a lot of leg work,…

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  In honor of Halloween, I wanted to share a…

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Proposal Templates: Great Idea or a Fool’s Errand?

Isn’t it much easier to create a blanket proposal template…

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Which comes first, the grant budget or the narrative?

It’s the age-old “chicken or the egg” question, a brain…

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The Power of the Story in a Grant Application

Most of you who write grant applications always include the…

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