Federal Grants Management

Congratulations – your organization has received a grant award (or are a pass-through entity on a federal grant)! Now what? If your organization/agency is new to federal grants or are trying to build out post-award processes with new funding coming in, it is important to create a robust internal controls system. This can involve managing a single federal grant program or developing an infrastructure to manage, oversee and/or distribute all your government (and private) grants. RBW Strategy provides grants management consulting, monitoring, technical assistance, and training that guide organizations in developing effective strategies to achieve their management, operational, and compliance goals.

This is especially critical in monitoring subrecipients and ensuring positive results on federally required single audits. We have worked with nonprofits, local government agencies and for-profit entities to ensure compliance with the Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Administrative Requirements under 2 CFR 200. Our team has the expertise to develop business management and internal control framework and make written recommendations to your organization regarding a going-forward grants management system and best practices implementation. We work closely with MJ White Consulting on larger engagements and have internal expertise to manage and support project deliverables.