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From day one, Rachel Werner adopts the ethos of her organizations, learning the ins and outs of what makes them unique, and captures the essence of why a project is necessary for continued growth.

For Rachel Werner, there is no business as usual. You and your cause are special, and her tailored support will effectively capture your one-of-a-kind mission, seeing you through the entire grant and contract writing process, from strategic planning through awards management.

Additionally, Rachel Werner is able to provide project management during the writing or grants oversight process, and develops procedures and policies to seamlessly manage the work more efficiently.

Her in-depth assessment and attention to client needs allows her to capture the hearts, and minds, of the awarding organizations at the federal, state, local, and private levels.

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KJ Lucas Matos is the Founder and CEO of Strategic Funds Development, LLC. In this role she brings many years of experience in multimillion dollar fundraising, business management and consulting across multiple sectors.

As a fundraiser KJ Lucas Matos achieved a 100% success rate for meeting annual targets. Over the course of her career she has raised nearly $60 million.

KJ Lucas Matos has served as Chairman of the Board, Fund Development Subcommittee for the internationally acclaimed Banda Bola Sports Foundation. She is an avid volunteer–donating fundraising and program planning services to the community since 2003.

In addition, she is a contributing writer for Demand Media Studios, which shares expert advice through such venues as,, and, media outlets with over 80 million viewers per month. She has been published in the Grant Professionals Association annual journal regarding innovative fundraising strategies.

A Note from Rachel Werner,

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my professional background. When I became a mom a few years ago, my whole world changed.

I realized that continuing to work late nights and long weekends wasn’t so easy in a traditional 9 to 5 role. I have always gone above and beyond for the organizations I worked with – so 9 to 5 was more like 24-7!

Plus, I had a plethora of skills and talents that the non-profit, government and business organizations not only depended on, but desperately needed. How could I give up the work I held so close to my heart and that helped so many people?

I wanted the best of both worlds: to continue to be a professional and use my specialized skills while having a flexible schedule that was adaptive to the needs of my amazing family.

Thus, RBW Strategy was born.

Over the years I have garnered a reputation for being extremely organized and remaining loyal to the team’s, and the organization’s, mission. Through RBW Strategy I’ve been able to build upon that hard-won reputation and help organizations and businesses achieve (and exceed!) their goals.